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Girl Scouts

Perler Beads are inexpensive and colorful, and you can customize your designs in any way you like. Choose the colors of your troop or make fundesigns. Each SWAP truly is an individual expression of the giver. 

Other things to do with Perler Beads

Beads make a great activity for Scouts to do together anytime! The Idea Books have tons of ideas for refrigerator magnets, picture frames, cool 3-D designs, and lots more!

We accept PO's from schools and other institutions! Fax us at 610-589-6321 Good articles about SWAPS:
Bella Online | Official Girl Scouts SWAPS page

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FAQs and Tips:
  • Small pegboards use approximately 150-250 beads each
  • Large pegboards use approximately 750-1000 beads each
  • Clear pegboards are available in a small square and large square, and are useful for placing designs underneath.
  • Most designs on our site use the Large Square pegboard.
  • Recommended ages for the Big Beads: 3-4 years
  • Recommended ages for the regular beads: 5+
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