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Occupational Therapists

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"I am a therapist who works with children. Many of the children are diagnosed ADHD. The kids love working with Perler Beads. Many of them who cannot focus for more than 5-10 minutes at a time will spend 90 minutes focused on making "iron beads." The kids are proud of the projects they make; they keep them and show them off to others (which is rare for them to do with other projects they have made). The children I work with are ages 8-16." ~Beth from WI

"My child is ADHD and she can sit and do beads for hours. It is fun and easy and she's only three going on four. I love this and have been doing it myself since I was a little kid. I think this is a wonderful creation for everyone including adults to do and share this experience with your kids. "

"My child has ADHD. We have just started doing Perler Beads. This is great for a child with ADHD due to the fact that it keeps their mind going and they are busy thinking about what color they want where and how to make it different. This has been also helpful to me because she can do this by herself. If you know anyone with a child with ADHD have them try this. My other child loves to do Perler Beads as well. We make it a family thing. We all can do it together. It is a lot of fun. Thank you! "

"An Occupational Therapist's Dream Activity"
~Mary, Pediatric Occupational Therapist from NY

A high-stimulation learning environment, grounded in what they enjoy and can succeed in
  • Perfect "focusing" activity
  • Inexpensive for parents
  • Appropriate for any age
  • A finished end product to be proud of!

FAQs and Tips:
  • Small pegboards use approximately 150-250 beads each
  • Large pegboards use approximately 750-1000 beads each
  • Clear pegboards are available in a small square and large square, and are useful for placing designs underneath.
  • Most designs on our site use the Large Square pegboard.
  • Recommended ages for the Big Beads: 3-4 years
  • Recommended ages for the regular beads: 5+

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